Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Crazy, Stupid Love,: Real Life Version

When selecting Crazy Stupid Love for a movie night, I thought the title had it right. Love is crazy and love is stupid. The first five seconds of the movie showed Steve Carrell’s wife telling him that she wants a divorce and that she slept with someone else. Bravo, I say! Good job, Mr. Director, for showing what the real world is like. Then OF COURSE, Carrell becomes a sort of middle-aged Casanova, who is instructed by a banging hottie who is also known as Ryan Gosling. Gosling teaches him how to get sex and everyone is seemingly happy. Because sex makes the world go round.

But wait. All of a sudden the movie shifts. Gosling falls in love with a smart attractive woman played by MY FAVORITE ACTRESS Emma Stone. The playa gets shot down. And Carrell realizes that he still loves his wife.

While in this depressed stage of being dumped by J., I want to hate this movie. P. told me that he loved me, and then proceeded four months later to tell me that he didn’t want me in his life. So yeah, I’m more than willing to believe that sex, not love, makes the world go round (along with money), and that love is merely a delusion which keeps people from committing suicide. What this movie is telling me is that love does exist. Should I believe it?

I guess that what J. said was love, wasn’t actually love. While he said that he loved me, he was still only looking out for himself. Which explains how, when he got a job offer, he saw me as something that held him back rather than supported him as I have done for this past year and a half.

Did I love J.? I think I did. I don’t think that on an emotional health and maturity level that I am ready for a long-term relationship slash pre-engagement. I still think I loved him though…I would have gone with him all the way if he would let me. He didn’t though and that’s something that I’m going to have to live with.

He’ll be fine, I’m sure.

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